The Byron Farmers’ Market was developed in 2006 in close partnership and collaboration with Pathway Church. Pastor Jim Heethuis has been a champion for our Farmers Market and since its beginning, we have held the Market on church property.

In 2018, the Byron Center Farmers Market relocated to the grounds of Tanger Outlets. This move was due to poor visibility and low traffic at the previous location. The Byron Community Wellness Foundation felt the move would provide a fresh start with prosperous seasons to come.

BCWF believes that our Farmers’ Market is a different kind of market. Its not just about selling fruits and vegetables. It is a community event, a gathering place for youth and seniors alike and an opportunity to showcase the benefit of healthy eating and nutrition to patrons and youth.

A somewhat unexpected observation at the Market are the number of youth that are involved with their families in working and selling produce.

BCWF has been involved in programs that assist low-income residents to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Programs like Project Fresh (part of the Women’s Infants Nutrition supplemental program), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and accepting Bridge Cards, continue to be part of or our mission to promote wellness and quality nutrition for those in need.